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“MY PLACE” — A Short Film About My Story

~ a visit at your school or library ~

One of the real joys of my job as an illustrator for kids books, is getting to meet the kids who read the books I illustrate. Over the past few years I’ve had so many great conversations with kids involving art and books. I enjoy encouraging their talents and always aim to inspire them to want to draw more. Its very rewarding to hear all of the responses from parents about how much their kids enjoyed my illustrations, or demonstrations, but the most rewarding thing is hearing about how their child “just can’t stop drawing now!” 

Projecting a live drawing and Q&A session.

Projecting a live drawing and Q&A session.

In my school and library presentations, I discuss what it was like growing up as an artistic kid who excelled in art but struggled in many other areas. I also tell about the events which ultimately led to me never giving up on my dreams and passions and becoming the illustrator I am today.

My talk is intended to be informative and encouraging, and a little funny and is accompanied by a visually entertaining Keynote/Powerpoint presentation.  

I also offer a 45 min long drawing session, where I use a Ziggi HD camera that hooks up to your projector or TV to allow kids to watch as I draw using my dip pen and inkwell. As I draw, I discuss my techniques and what its like illustrating kids books, as well as take any and all questions that kids and adults in attendance might have. These sessions have been a huge hit with kids, as its always fun to watch art being made!

Each event is concluded with some fun, interactive drawing games with my easel and large pad. I love telling stories and joking with the kids during the drawing games and hearing their own stories and silly ideas, and ultimately seeing them get excited about doing art. I typically do 2 or 3 big easel drawings, and kids seem to really have fun participating and seeing how I come up with the silly drawings.

I look forward to possibly speaking at your school or library  ~  Joe

Doing silly, large easel-pad drawings!

Doing silly, large easel-pad drawings!




  • Approx 1 hr - 1.5 hr (Can be shorter or longer depending on age of audience or time restrictions of your event)
  • Includes either Audio/Visual Keynote Presentation OR Projected Live-Drawing with Q&A,. And either will conclude with Drawing Games (Book signing is available if desired) 


  • $500 Per Presentation*
  • $1,500 For 3 or more Presentations Per Single Day*
  • Additional travel and lodging expenses required depending on distance from Central Ohio.

*If your library or school is unable to budget for the requested honorarium, please do not hesitate to contact Joe about possible discounted rates. 


  • Projector with audio hookup (To be used with MacBook presentation)
  • Microphone for larger assemblies

~ Speaking Engagement / Event Booking Contact ~

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